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Organization for protection and sheltering homeless animals.


Campaign design for protection of homeless animals in Republic of Macedonia.

Secondary Research


Target group of this organization will be people age 15 to 65 due to their ability to work. Lower age limit is set to 15 years because that is the age when teenagers begin to join different organizations, and also become aware of themselves and their surrounding. Upper age limit is set to 65 years because that is the retirement age. After 65 years of age people tend to live a quieter life.

This organization will be aimed? For all the animal lovers and for anybody who takes care of animals well-being. It is aimed for people with great deal of humanity and respect for animals. These people are sociable, eco-friendly and have many friends. These are people who find time for their pets, despite their busy schedule. People who prefer to live in houses. Their job consists of working with other people and they don’t want to spend their time in closed spaces. They love using bright colours. They  use as much as possible things made of recycled materials. They want or they have a big family. They are brave, joyful, sociable, caring. They like to do sports and they like to live healthy. They often go mountain climbing and take their pets with them.

Secondary Research


Finding active members and groups who share the same idea as ours. A lot of people work or would like to work in organizations for homeless animals.

Secondary Research


Taking a closer look at the laws of Republic of Macedonia regarding the animal rights. Compare the laws of Republic of Macedonia with those from other countries. Use the laws which state that dog fights and animal cruelty are forbidden.

Secondary Research


Usage of extracts, information, photographs from world famous animal rights organizations. Reviewing their campaigns regarding their visual influence.

Secondary Research


Brainstorming about the possible ways of conducting the whole campaign, divide the work and making a research in six different areas: Animal species, needs, protection, protection associations, focus group and campaign.

Primary Research


The primary research is quantitative, using online poll and a sample of 43 persons.
It will have eleven questions which will gratefully help
in making the rest of the campaign.

Short Description


A typical representative of the target group is a female person age 22 to 29, animal lover, her favourite animal is dog, currently not having a dog, she has never been attacked by an animal, she thinks that the animals in Republic of Macedonia are not protected, she thinks that a campaign for protection and animal sheltering in Republic of Macedonia is a necessity.

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Defining Symbol

Creating Logo for ``Vtoro Srce``

Final logo design for the campaign. Logo “ A second heart”
with the slogan “ Adopt. Foster. Save life”

This logo represents the human love towards the animals.
It represents sheltering and protection of animals, second heart,
second me, an animal as part of the man, a second love
which is shared with an animal.

The logo consists of three parts. Stylization in shape of a heart, the number two written with the font “Garamond” and elements such as ears and a tale which associate some kind of an animal. The heart is connected with the number two, while the ears are on the top of the logo and the tale is connected with the end of the serif part of the number two.

The logo is made of precisely chosen colours which merge and create a gradient varying from the darkest to the brightest nuance. Each nuance can be used individually for creating different elements for the campaign. The colour pink represents courage, curiosity, playfulness.

The name of the organization “Second  heart” i.e. the logotype is placed directly under the logo. A clear, simple and easily placed logotype just because of the dominance of the logo itself. The fond “Myriad Pro” is used for the logotype.

A safe/protection zone is created when using only the logo or using logo with the logotype. Certain measure is used from the inside and it’s applied evenly on all sides where the logo ends. If the logo is used with the logotype, the measure for the lower part begins from the basis of each letter (except the bulge part of the letter “Ц”) Proportional expansion of the logo automatically expands the safe/protection zone.

The logo uses its original form and colour only on white background and black and white photograph.

The slogan of the campaign is “ Adopt. Shelter. Save life”

The slogan can, but it is not necessary needed to be used on every design. The slogan is placed under the logotype, with horizontal center alignment but it can be moved. It has strictly set guidelines for it’s usage.

The secondary identity consists of several elements which can be used for this campaign. It is usually textures of animals as well as bones, a paw, a hutch etc.

Final Process


All corporate and promotional materials are designed
based on precisely defined rules and specifications of this campaign.
Few concepts that meet the needs of this association have been
chosen to represent it in front of the broad auditorium.